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Part 1: Where your RESEARCH journey begins…

This is what you need to do:

Mission 1: You are to get into groups of 4. Each of you will be a Mini ‘Professor’ in Deforestation. As Mini 'Professors', you have to collaborate with one another to research on the topic.


Part 2: Time to squeeze your BRAIN juices’

Mission 2: After doing the research, you are to decide on what you want to include in the poster.


Mission 3: Give a short write-up of not more than 500 words, which must include:

* Your target audience.

* The message your poster wants to drive across.

* The significance of the objects that you have drawn in your poster.

* Lesson to be learnt from the project.


Mission 4: Present your artistic poster to the whole class. You may use your write-up to assist in your presentation.


Remember, you are given the whole of the June Holidays to complete your project.
All the Best!