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Welcome to the WebQuest on Deforestation! This WebQuest is a project that integrates Technology across curriculum and we have selected Deforestation as our topic. This interactive project incorporates Science and Art for the Primary 5 students. Students will work in groups of four to come up with a creative poster. Over the course of this project, students will conduct research, create a poster using the information that they have gathered and present their poster to the class. Students are also required to write a short write-up of not more than 500 words on their poster.



The project imposes on the creativity and thinking-skills of the students whereby they have to think of a design for the poster, which is creative yet driving an important message.

Students will need the knowledge entry-level skills on:

* Knowledge of what deforestation is.

* Familiarity of some implications that result from deforestation.

* Use of the World Wide Web to conduct research on the topic.

Through their participation in this WebQuest, students will expand their knowledge of deforestation. The sites we have chosen for the students to research on will give them a better understanding of the need to reduce or prevent deforestation. Students will also further strengthen their ability on the use of IT tools.



* Gather your students into groups of four.

* Explain to students what is expected of them to do in their project. (You may want to see the link on Process in the students' page.)

* Inform the students that they have to conduct their research, create their posters and complete their write-ups during the June holidays.

* Remind the students that their short write-ups can be in written form or typed out, it's up to YOU!)

* Remember to inform your students when is the dateline for the presentation of the poster (NOTE: Again, it's up to your department to decide on the dateline.)



You may want to check out some of these resources on deforestation.

Links to the websites are also provided to the students. Each link provides the students with a better understanding of deforestation and gives them some ideas to go about designing their poster.

Please click on Resources to view the links that are provided to the students.



At the end of this project, students would be more aware of the topic on deforestation, its implications and some possible solutions.

Students should find this project beneficial and fascinating, and in turn cultivate a good awareness of environmental issues around them.



A Rubric is created in our WebQuest to assist the students in evaluating themselves. Thus, the students will understand the requirements that are needed of them in this project.

Click on Evaluation to view the details of the requirements for this project.



This page is used to thank the webmasters who have helped to create the WebQuest, and also any other persons who are involved in one way or another to make the creation of this WebQuest a success.